General Rules and Conditions


  1. Entry forms are obtainable from the Secretary.  These must be carefully completed and returned, signed by the Exhibitor or his agent, together with the amount due on or before the closing date shown on the Schedule.  No competitor will be allowed to enter any of the classes before the entrance fees are paid.  No entrance fees are refundable under any circumstances.  No late entries are acceptable under any circumstances.
  2. All Exhibits shall be the bona fide property of the Exhibitor from the date of entry to date of Show except those reserved on sale after date of entry.
  3. The Show reserves the right to refuse entry without assigning any reason for so doing.
  4. Exhibit numbers will be sent by the Secretary to each Exhibitor.  Such exhibit numbers must be conspicuously affixed to the Exhibits before they are judged.
  5. All competitors and exhibitors of horses and livestock must be on the field one hour before their class(es) is (are) judged.
  6. All cattle and sheep must be on the show field by 9.30am.
  7. All horticultural/childrens/homecraft and arable exhibitors must have their entries delivered and placed by 9.30am with vehicles off site by 9.30am.
  8. All exhibits must remain on the field until 5.00pm.  The Show reserves the right to withhold any prize-money which may have been awarded to anyone failing to comply.
  9. Competent Judges will be selected, who may not be competitors at the Show.  Their decision is final.
  10. The Judges will be empowered to withhold the prizes including trophies/cups in any of the classes where they are of the opinion there is not sufficient merit in competition.
  11. In case of protest or dispute, the same shall be stated in writing to the Secretary immediately the exhibit in dispute has been judged and the sum of £5 must be deposited with the Secretary by the person or persons raising the objection.  All questions of protest or dispute will be decided by the Show, whose decision shall be binding and final on all parties.
  12. In all cases where three prizes are offered, unless the exhibits exceed the number of prizes by two, one or more prizes may be withheld at the discretion of the Show.
  13. In all cases where there are insufficient entries in any class the Show reserves the right to cancel the class.
  14. While the Officials take every care, the Show will not in any case or under any circumstances be responsible for any accident, loss, damage or injury to the competitors, exhibitors and to the public attending the Show, or for stock or produce which may be exhibited at the Show.
  15. Owners, competitors and riders are under obligation at all times when mounted to ensure that they are wearing protective head gear complying with current British Standards.
  16. All cups must be returned by 31st July to the Cup Secretary and must be kept fully insured by the prize winners while in their possession.  Failure to return cups may lead to the Show taking legal action for their recovery and a financial penalty being imposed.  Cups remain the property of Kingsbridge Show at all times.
  17. Prize-winners in ALL CLASSES are asked to collect their prize money from the Secretary’s Tent on show day.  Prize monies will be paid upon receipt of the winner’s ticket(s).  Prizes not claimed on the day may be claimed by sending the winners ticket(s) and a stamped addressed envelope to the Show Secretary at Marlin, South Milton, Kingsbridge TQ7 3JQ by no later than 30th September.  Monies not claimed by this date are forfeit.



(N.B. Rules 5-12 relate to Horticulture Section only)

  1. Exhibitors must themselves be responsible for the proper placing of their own exhibits.
  2. Exhibits may be staged at the place of exhibition between 7.45a.m. and 9.30a.m. on the day of the Show or on the previous evening between 6p.m. and 8p.m.
  3. All Exhibits must remain on the field until 5.00pm.  The Show reserves the right to withhold any prize-money which may have been awarded to anyone failing to comply.
  4. Floral Art classes will be judged according to NAFAS 2009 Competition Manual.
  5. All horticultural Exhibits must be the bona fide property of the exhibitor and have been in their possession for at least two months prior to the date of the Show.
  6. Where the quantity to be exhibited is stated in the Schedule it must be adhered to and any excess or deficiency in the number shown will disqualify.
  7. The Judges have the power to reduce or withhold prizes where the exhibits are deficient in merit and number.  They have discretionary power to cut and taste any vegetables.
  8. Should the Judges award an equal 1st, the 1st and 2nd prizes will be added together and divided equally and no 2nd prize given.
  9. The gardens of all horticultural exhibitors must be open for inspection by the Show after entries have been made.
  10. In Sections A and B only one entry of the permissible two entries will count for points for the Challenge Cup and in the event of a tie the one with the least number of entries shall be the winner.
  11. Competent judges shall be selected to judge in both Vegetable and Flower sections.  R.H.S rule book applies.
  12. Shallot and Onion classes where stated to be tied, should be tied with natural raffia only.



  1. All cattle classes are open except where stated and all stock must be from TB and Brucellosis Accredited Herds.  In addition, cattle must be either (i) from a certified BVD Accredited Herd (ii) show cattle to have undergone a negative BVD Antigen test plus two BVD vaccinations as a primary course (iii) or show cattle to have a negative BVD Antigen test before the closure date in 2017.  Veterinary Certification of the above BVD status is required with the entry form.
  2. All cattle and sheep must be on the show field by 9.30a.m.
  3. All cattle and sheep shall be inspected on arrival to the showground, by the veterinary officer acting on behalf of the Show.  No livestock may leave its means of transport until such inspection has taken place.
  4. Any animal showing signs of sickness shall be isolated and shall be inspected by the DEFRA veterinary/Trading Standards officer.
  5. The Biosecurity Officers [Chief Stewards] and Show Stewards have the authority to deny access to the showground to any Exhibitor/livestock handler who arrives in dirty clothing and does not have a change of clothes/footwear.
  6. All Exhibitors/livestock handlers must use the disinfectant footbath on passing through the cattle and sheep areas; these areas to be signed appropriately by the Show.
  7. Vehicles transporting sheep and cattle to the Show must stay parked in the animal areas of the showground once livestock have been unloaded for the duration of the Show.
  8. No vehicle which is visibly contaminated with animal excreta shall be authorised onto the showground.
  9. The Show shall provide sufficient facilities for Judges, Stewards, Exhibitors and livestock handlers to use when they need to change their protective clothing, wash their hands, disinfect their footwear or dispose of protective clothing within the animal areas.
  10. The animal areas shall mean the area for judging, penning of sheep and tethering of cattle, unloading and loading of sheep and cattle and the parking of vehicles transporting the same.
  11. The Exhibitor shall supply the name and address of all livestock handlers assisting the exhibitor in showing livestock at the Show so that they may be traced in the event of a suspect or confirmed notifiable disease.
  12. The Exhibitor shall [on the entry form] provide the passport number/ear tag of all livestock being exhibited at the Show for tracing purposes in the event of a suspect of confirmed notifiable disease.
  13. Entry to the show sheep classes is not restricted to pedigree sheep, however special prizes are subject to confirmation and may be subject to restriction.
  14.  It is the responsibility of the exhibitor to ensure that any handler of livestock is of suitable experience, age and physical capability to be in charge of the animal. Any junior exhibitors who lead livestock in the grand parade must be accompanied by a component adult who is NOT handling other animals. Use of mobile phones etc. is prohibited when leading animals in the grand parade.




  1. Entry forms are obtainable from the secretary.  They must be completed and returned, together with the amount due before the closing date.  No late entries are accepted.
  2. The show reserves the right to refuse entry without assigning any reason for doing so.
  3. The show will provide wrist bands for competitors and their helper at their discretion. All other persons will be expected to pay the appropriate fee to gain entry to the show.
  4. All competitors and exhibitors must be on the field one hour before their class is judged.
  5. Horse transport should be in a clean condition and shall be parked in the lorry park.  
  6. No sick or lame animal is to be brought to the show.
  7. Horse field exit: transport will be able to leave via Borough land after 3.30pm. Before this time transport should leave via the top gate and follow the exit signs to the main road.
  8. No horse/pony shall be left unattended in the lorry park field at any time.
  9. A Farrier and Vet will be in attendance – report to the Horse Field commentary and they will be able to contact them on your behalf.
  10. Horses/ponies must remain in walk between rings in the walkways.
  11. A practise and warm up area is located at the bottom of the horse field.
  12. All signage must be adhered to.
  13. Horses that cannot be controlled will be dismissed from competition.
  14. Any rider taking a fall will be required to retire from the class.
  15. No class shall be held up if a competitor arrives late.
  16. In hand classes: it is mandatory for competitors 16 years and under to wear correctly secured hats approved to the current BSI or European standard.
  17. Ridden classes: well maintained and correctly fitting tack, correct dress, and hats to the current BSI or European standard will be required.
  18. Jumping classes: back protectors should be worn by competitors 16 years or under.
  19. Pony Club classes: eligibility must be verified by the DC or Centre proprietor by signature on entry form. Hats must be recognised current BSI or European standard and body protectors should be worn for jumping.
  20. Grand Parade: if your section is required to attend then it is of the utmost importance for you to do so and be presented with your trophy. The show reserves the right to withhold the trophy and prize money on failing to do so.
  21. All Trophies may be collected after the Grand Parade.
  22. Prize money should be collected from the secretary's tent during the show day.
  23. Horse passports must be carried and produced on request.
  24. Should you need to make changes to your entry on the day it you will need to speak to the Chief Horse Steward to see if this is possible.
  25. The Chief Steward’s decision is final.
  26. The organisers have taken every precaution to ensure the health and safety of everyone present.  For those measures to be effective, please take all reasonable precautions to avoid and prevent accidents occurring. As horse riders/handlers we are aware that we take part in a high risk sport; however, sometimes the same cannot be said for the bystanders.  It is our responsibility to make sure we have a safe and enjoyable show!
  27. Instructions from officials and stewards should be taken as the final word.



Thank you for noting these conditions,

which have enabled Kingsbridge Show to obtain a licence

to permit the exhibition of livestock



© Kingsbridge Show. 2019.